Clinic Operations During Stay at Home Order

We are hoping to address the questions many of our clients have had regarding Governor Walz’s Stay at Home Executive Order issued Wednesday, March 25th, 2020. Veterinary clinics are still considered “essential services”. We will still be open and operating under our newly placed procedures of “Car Side Services”.

Clients are requested to call the clinic from their vehicle to notify our team of your arrival. We ask that clients state their car’s color/make and phone number. We will get a history from you regarding any questions/concerns about your pet to help us provide the needed services/treatments/medications. At this time we will come out to receive your pet and bring them into the clinic for an exam. Our doctor will call after the exam and discuss recommendations. When all approved services/treatments or medications are received and ready we will call for payment over the phone. Then we will bring your pet back out to your car.

Exams and vaccinations are still deemed essential to provide your pet with the upmost care and protection. With the coming warm weather, we are still offering services to protect your pets in the most efficient way from upcoming parasites (Heartworm testing, prevention and Flea/Tick prevention). Especially if your pet is not acting themselves or feeling well, please contact the hospital to arrange an exam. We are following Governor Walz’s previous orders regarding to post-pone elective procedures, such as spay/neuter surgeries. If you have questions regarding any of our procedures being offered please email us at or Call/Text the clinic at 651-484-6222.

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